Job Start



Job Start gives authorised users the ability to run ( schedule ) SQL Server jobs on demand. It has been designed to assist non IT users to load or extract data contained within an SQL Server database on demand. This eliminates the need for users to raise help desk requests for database administrators (DBA) or other IT personnel to run jobs for them. This means that without external assistance you can complete your work immediately.


Job Start is the ideal tool for businesses where their current systems do not allow users to do bulk data uploads. For example, updating the latest product pricing or that new range or design can up loaded into your database immediately the file has been created. Job Start can not only load data but can also extract data for your use. Obtaining data that you want to manipulate within a spreadsheet can be extracted to your PC as & when required.


For jobs that require files, either input or output, Job Start can copy files to or from any location on your network to the place required by the job using FTP


Designed for ease of use, Job Start has just 2 easy to use screens. One is to select the file/s to copy to/from the database and the other to select which job you wish to run.


Job Start requires its own SQL Server database. This database controls who has access to run jobs and ensures that users users can only see and run those jobs for which they have been given permission.. The result is a safe and secure transfer of data between the database and authorised users as well as providing an audit trail for business requirements.


DBA's and IT personnel will find this an efficient and an effective way to run jobs while non IT/business users will enjoy the ability to run their jobs on demand.


This tool will relieve DBA’s and IT personnel from the burden of generating reports for other users thus allowing them to work on other projects. Non IT users will enjoy the ability to run their job requests on demand without additional paperwork or time delay.


Job Start can help deliver:-

  • Increased business productivity
  • Increased business efficiency
  • Improved time management of resources
  • Timeliness
  • Ease of use


Job Start: Where information is immediate.



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